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Yixing Futao Metal Structural Unit Co. Ltd 86-510-87871161
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We focus on Metal Power Pole, Galvanised Power Pole, Electrical Power Pole, Steel Utility Pole products and so on

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China Yixing Futao Metal Structural Unit Co. Ltd

Yixing Futao Metal Structural Unit Co. Ltd

Our company focuses on manufacturing all kinds of metal poles. This includes steel power poles, street lamp poles, telecommunication poles and many more. Futao Metal Structures was founded in 2000 with one goal in mind - to provide quality products that you can count on. Since then, we have accumulated 18 years of experience in international trade while our products have been used in construction projects all over the world. We are committed to living by our company motto “Quality and Integrity above all else”. We have deep technical knowledge in the field of power distribution, advanced production equipments and experienced staff. We strive to provide the best quality in all our products. Over the years, we have developed good relationships with customers from all over the world including ...

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