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11KV 33KV Metal Power Pole  Steel Transmission Pole 7.5m 9m 11m

11KV 33KV Metal Power Pole Steel Transmission Pole 7.5m 9m 11m

  • High Light

    metal electrical pole


    electric power pole


    11KV Galvanized Steel Transmission Pole

  • Surface Treatment
    Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Powder Coated
    White, Blue, Sliver, Grey Or More
  • Material
    Hot Roll Steel Q345B, GR65
  • Height
    7.5m 9m 11m
  • Thickness
    3.8, 5.5, 7.2mm
  • Wind Resistance
    160 Km/h
  • Shape
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO 9001
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    $200 - $800/ Piece
  • Packaging Details
    40HC or OT, wrap by mat or straw mat
  • Delivery Time
    15 workdays
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    3200 pieces every month

11KV 33KV Metal Power Pole Steel Transmission Pole 7.5m 9m 11m

                                   Metal power pole  steel poles for 7.5m 9m and 11m for 11kv and 33kv  Malaysia market.
This specification fit steel poles for 7.5m 9m and 11m for 11kv and 33kv Malaysia market.
Used in overhead distribution system ,the hot dip galvanized pole is fabricated from high quality sheet steel bent into an octagonal shape and welded along a vertical seam, the steel poles will be produced in two sections, and which will assembled on site by friction fit joint , or a single length design.
The poles will be suitable for use in the tropical climate , with a maximum ambient temperature of approximately 40 degrees and a mean annual temperature of approximately 30 degrees with with heavy rainfall and humidity of approximately 100%.
2.1 Electrical System.
This product will be fit for continuous operation under the following conditions:

aRated Frequency50HZ.3 Phase
bNominal Rated Voltage415V(rm)11KV33KV
cMaximum Voltage 12KV36KV
d3 Phase symmetrical Fault level45KA25KA25KA
eSystem GroundingSolidly groundedNeutral solidly/ grounded

3.1 Standards

The international and national publications referred to in this specification will be of the latest edition. Any departure from these requirements and technical specifications must be clearly stated. Unless otherwise specified, the insulators will be in accordance with the following standards:

Hot rolled pro ducts made of non-alloy structural steels. Technical delivery conditions

Hot-rolled products in weldable 6ne grain structural steels.

Hot-rolled flat pro ducts made of high yield strength for cold forming
Structural steel with improved atmosphere corrosion resistance


BSEN 10210 :

Hot structural hollow sections of non-alloy and grain structural steels.


ISO 1461 :

Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricate d iron and steel articles. Specification and test methods.


ASTM A123 :

Standard specification for zinc (hot galvanized) coating on pro ducts fabricated from rolled, pressed, and forged steel shapes, plates, bars and strips


ASCE Manual #72 :

Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structure.

The sections shall be formed or pressed from steel sheet, not less than thickness and withstand strength given in the table below.
Pole length7.5m9m11m
Pole typeStandard27StandardEnhancedStandardEnhanced
Working Transverse Load (kN)

Vertical Load (kN)


Over-Turning Moment (kNm)

Minimum Thickness (mm)

3.3.2 Tolerances


AspectAllowable tolerance
ThicknessThe tolerance on the thickness of the material shall be + 5% of the thickness.
SectionThe tolerance on the outer diameter of circular column or the circle circumscribing the octagonal section shall be + 1.0% of the diameter.
StraightnessThe completed pole shall be straight and true to the eye in axis over the entire length, and shall not deviate from straightness by more than 10 mm in 6000 mm or proportionately according to the length of the pole.
TwistingThe angle of twist between two through holes an d/or accessories shall be within 1.5 degree per 3 metre member length.
Pole lengthThe appropriate section length shall be not more than + 25 mm and the overall length by more than + 12.5 mm.
  • Base plate

A detachable base plate shall be made from galvanised mil d steel and attached to the base of the pole. The minimum dimension of each plate are as follow with minimum thickness of 3 mm to prevent the pole from sinking:

Pole height (m)7.5911
Base plate wi dth(mm)82.590100


  • Mounting

Sufficient depth of pole planting is required to resist overturning with a minimum safety factor of 2.5, taking into consideration local soil conditions and expected maximum loading. The minimum planting depth shall be in accordance to the following table:


Pole height (m)7.5911
Plante d depth (m)1.351.51.7


We cover the top and bottom parts of the pole with a mat or straw bale in order to protect it from damage to the galvanized surface that may occur during transportation. Packaging can also be done according to clients’ requirements.
Process of Production

Verification of Materials → Cutting → Molding or Bending → Vertical Welding → Verification of Dimensions → Flange Welding → Hole Drilling → Calibration→ Deburring Process → Galvanizing, Powder Coating or Painting → Recalibration → Threading → Packaging
11KV 33KV Metal Power Pole  Steel Transmission Pole 7.5m 9m 11m 0
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