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Drop Type Zinc Oxide Arrester For Transmission Line Flexible Loading Unloading

Drop Type Zinc Oxide Arrester For Transmission Line Flexible Loading Unloading

  • High Light

    power pole hardware


    electric power fittings

  • Model
    HY5WSTB Drop Type Zinc Oxide Arrester
  • Certificate
    ISO9001 & SGS Factory Audit Report
  • Material
    Malleable Iron , Aluminum,Composite Resin
  • Color
  • Usage
    Transmission Line
  • Install
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO 9001
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    10 pieces
  • Price
    $5 - $24
  • Packaging Details
    Package by the box
  • Delivery Time
    30 workdays
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    3000 pieces every month

Drop Type Zinc Oxide Arrester For Transmission Line Flexible Loading Unloading

              HY5WSTB Drop Type Zinc Oxide Arrester for Transmission Line




The drop-type (replaceable, detachable) arrester is a modified type of zinc oxide surge arrester that is installed on the drop-type mechanism of the drop-out fuse, so that it can be pulled by the insulation in the case of constant power. The joystick conveniently detects, repairs and connects the arrester

It not only ensures the smooth flow of the line, but also greatly reduces the work intensity and time of the electric maintenance personnel. It is especially suitable for places that are not suitable for power outages, such as post and telecommunications, airport stations, hospitals, and bustling commercial areas. The other performance of the product is the same as that of the distribution type arrester.

The second-generation drop arrester increases the disconnector. When the arrester is abnormally faulty, the power frequency short-circuit current is used to operate the disconnector, the grounding end of the disconnector is automatically disengaged, the arrester component is turned over, and the operation is stopped to prevent the accident from further expanding. It is easy for maintenance personnel to find out for maintenance and replacement.


HY5WSTB Drop Type Zinc Oxide Arrester

MOA Tape Sys R.V MOA R.V MCOV DC voltage
Leakage current at 0.75U1mA 8/20μs Lightning Current Impulse 30/60μs Switching Current Impulse 2ms Rectangular Current Impulse 4/10μs High Current Impulse Used
kV(r.m.s) >kV   <kV A kA
HY5WS-10/30DL-TR 6 10 8.0 15.0 30 30 25.6 150 40 power distribution
HY5WS17/50DL-TR 10 17 13.6 25.0 30 50.0 42.5 150 40
Note: The parameters of the arrester are the same as the conventional arrester. The above is the power distribution type, which can be replaced with other types such as capacitor type.


1. Please check the tightness between the arrester component and the drop mechanism before installation to ensure good contact and flexible loading and unloading.

2. The high voltage line of the terminal on the drop mechanism must be grounded reliably and not reversed.

3. The precautions of the arrester before and after the input into the branch are the same as the distribution type arrester.

4. When the arrester needs to be repaired or replaced, it can be conveniently operated by the insulating pull lever to align the hook on the arrester unit in the case of constant power, just like the more down-flow fuse.