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18m Galvanised Power Pole Octagonal Galvanized Steel Post Dead End

18m Galvanised Power Pole Octagonal Galvanized Steel Post Dead End

  • High Light

    galvanised power pole


    galvanised steel posts


    18m Octagonal Galvanized Power Pole

  • Surface Treatment
    Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Height
  • Material
    ASTM GR65, GR50, Q460, A572, S355, Q345, Q235,etc
  • Power
  • Shape
    Octagonal ,12-side
  • Wind Resistance
  • Earthquake Resistance
    Against Grade Of 8
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    6 pieces
  • Price
    $130 - $711/piece
  • Packaging Details
    40HC or OT, wrap by mat or straw mat
  • Delivery Time
    30 - 45 workdays
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    400 pieces every month

18m Galvanised Power Pole Octagonal Galvanized Steel Post Dead End

                                           18m Galvanised Power Pole Octagonal Galvanized Steel Post Dead End

Product Description

The products above are 18m steel pole, galvanized power pole, octagonal pole , dead end pole  

  • Products are designed and manufactured according to  structural standards
  • Only our company can comply to these global manufacturing standards which gives us an edge over our competitors
  • Products are hot dip galvanized according to ISO 1461/ASTM A123 standards
  • Pole shaft material : ASTM GR65,GR50,

To design in accordance with PLS software, we will require the following design parameters:

  1. The operational wind speed of the region where the pole will be used
  2. The Antenna load and height of the pole
  3. The total height of the pole itself

Product Specifications

This 18m steel pole, galvanized power pole, octagonal pole , dead end pole  using for 69kv or 33kv  the electric utility’s overhead high voltage transmission lines.


The specification reference the following standards

ASCE/SEI 48: Design of steel transmission pole structures
BS EN ISO 1461 : Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricate d iron and steel articles. Specification and test methods.
ASTM A123 : Standard specification for zinc (hot galvanized) coating on Iron and Steel Products
ASTM A 153/A153M : Standard specification for zinc (hot galvanized) coatings on iron and steel Hardware


Product Design




DESCRIPTION Required to state  
1.0 Manufacturing standard(s)   ACSE/SEI 48-11
3.1.1 Pole is tubular steel, tapered and designed in two sections Yes/No Yes
3.1.2 Length (m) To State 18 m
3.1.3 Cross sectional of pole To State Dodecagonal
3.L4 Top diameter (mm) To State 300mm
3.1.4 Top of pole pertmnendy capped Yes/No Yes
3.1.5 Bottom diameter (mm) To State 600mm
11.5 Detachable base provided Yes/No Yes
3.1.6 Pole straight and true in axis over its entire length To State Yes
321 Pole designed in accordance with ASCE/SEI 48 Yes/No Yes
Pole is suitable for the support of electrical power lines and accessories as detailed in Attachment A _ (Schedule of Particulars -21 m Steel Pole) Y«/No Yes
Numbet and position of holes as per Attachment B - Pole Framing Drawing Yes/No Yes
Bolt hole diameter (mm) To State 23mm
3.2.2 Centre of mass of pole To State In the Bottom Section
3.2.3 Ground sleeve provided in accordance with Clause 3.2.3 Yes/No Yes
324 Designed to minimize welds To State Yes
325 Galvanizing To State BS EN ISO 1461
326 Appropriate ultraviolet light resistant polyurethane coating applied on exposed surface of pole Yes /No Yes
326 Length of coating To State 5m
3.3.1 Grade and type of steel uniform throughout pole Yes/No Yes
3.34 Each section has no circumferential joints or welds Yes/No Yes
3.3,2 Penetration welds provided in accordance with Clause 3.3.2 Yes/No Yes

Forming or bending in accordance with


Yes/No Yes
3.3.4 Punched holes are cylindrical and without excessive tear out or depressions Yes/No Yes
3,4.1 NEMA 2'hoie pad provided for grounding Yes/No Yes
3.4.1 Location of ground pad To State 500mm above GL
3.4.2 Grounding pad not painted or covered with coatings To State Yes
Diameter of holes on grounding pad To State 12mm
Threading (mm) To State 1.75mm
3,5.1 Type of shaft joint To State Slip Joint
3.5,1 Overlap between sections (mm) To State 700mm
3.5.2 Welds in the area of the joint in accordance with Clause 3.5.2 Yes/No Yes
3.5.3 Manufacturer to verify slip joint fit in accordance with Clause 3.53 To State Yes
3.5.4 Jacking lugs and permanent orientation marks provided at slip joint to ensure proper alignment and complete overlap Yes/No Yes
355 Axis of poles not distorted after sections are mated. Yes/No Yes


Packaging & Shipping


We cover the top and bottom parts of the pole with a mat or straw bale in order to protect it from damage to the galvanized surface that may occur during transportation. Packaging can also be done according to clients’ requirements.


Process of Production

Verification of Materials → Cutting → Molding or Bending → Vertical Welding → Verification of Dimensions → Flange Welding → Hole Drilling → Calibration→ Deburring Process → Galvanizing, Powder Coating or Painting → Recalibration → Threading → Packaging

18m Galvanised Power Pole Octagonal Galvanized Steel Post Dead End 0



Q1. How can I get a price of needed pole?

A: 1. Please provide exact dimensions such as height, pole shaft material type and thickness, top and bottom diameters. We can then give you an accurate quotation based on your specifications.

2. You can send us a detail and assembly drawing; we can then provide you with an accurate quotation based on the drawing.

Q2. I am a small wholesaler; do you accept a small order?
A: It's not a problem if you are a small wholesaler; we accept orders of various quantities.
Q3. I am a designer; Can you help me to produce the sample which we designed?
A: Our mission is to help our customers be successful. We are more than happy to help you solve any problems that you may have.
Q4: We want be your agent for our area. How do I apply for this?
A: Please send your proposal and your company profile.
Q5. Tell me about your company?
We have been a manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of steel poles including power poles, street lighting poles, telecommunications poles and other steel based products since 2000. Our products have been exported to many regions around the world.
Q6. Do you have some special policies for Branded companies?
A: Yes, we have some special support for the company who has own brand but are also in our VIP customers list. Please send us a copy of your sales data so we can analyze the best course of action in supporting you for your products in your market.
Q7. Do you provide Door to Door service? Because i don't know how to deal with customs clearance.
A: We provide Door to Door service to help you reduce shipping time and costs. This is because we have additional discounts with the shipping companies as we have done many shipments in the past. This in turn will save you lots of time and money.


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