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4.5M 6M I Type Traffic Light Pole  Camera Light Pole Installing At Main Road

4.5M 6M I Type Traffic Light Pole Camera Light Pole Installing At Main Road

  • High Light

    traffic signal pole


    traffic light post

  • Surface Treatment
    Hot Dip Galvanization / Powder Coating / Painting
  • Camera Light Post Material
    Hot Rolled Steel (Q235, Q345, A36, GR50), Stainless Steel
  • Product Name
    4.5M 6M "I"Type Traffic Light Pole,Camera Light Post Installing At Main Road
  • Camera Light Post Height
  • Camera Light Post Length Of Arm
    "I" Type Without Arm
  • Camera Light Post Thinkness
    2.5mm - 14mm
  • Camera Light Post Cantilever Length
  • Camera Light Post Galvanization
  • Camera Light Post Package
    Old Blanket Or Bubble Wrap
  • Certificate
    ISO 9001 Standard
  • Camera Light Post Customized
    Accordance With Clients Request
  • Camera Light Post Design Wind
    50M/s Or Depending On Clients Request
  • Place of Origin
    Jiangsu China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO 9001
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Pieces
  • Price
    $80 - $1000
  • Packaging Details
    40HC or OT, wrap by mat or straw mat
  • Delivery Time
    30 - 60 workdays
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    1200 pieces every month

4.5M 6M I Type Traffic Light Pole Camera Light Pole Installing At Main Road

4.5M 6M I Type Traffic Light Pole Camera Light Pole Installing At Main Road

DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION Each of the several parts of the Plant shall be of such construction and design as to give long continuous service with high economy and low maintenance costs. All workmanship shall be of the highest quality throughout. The design, dimensions and materials of all parts shall be such that the stresses to which they are subjected under the most severe conditions encountered in service shall not render them liable to distortion or damage. Welding, filling or plugging of defective pares will not be permitted without the approval, in writing, of DES. All equipment shall operate without undue vibration and with the least possible amount of noise so as not to be a nuisance to the environment. All apparatus shall be designed to ensure satisfactory operation under the atmospheric conditions prevailing in the area where the lines are to be built and under such variations of load and voltage as may occur under normal systems working conditions. The design of all line supports, conductors, spacers, Insulators and fittings shall be such as to minimise the risk of damage to any part of the lines due to deterioration, or damage in service. The design shall incorporate any reasonable precaution and provision for the safety of those concerned in maintenance of the Contract Works and all associated works supplied and executed under other Contracts. All corresponding parts shall be made to gauge, and shall be inter-changeable wherever possible throughout the Contract works such as to facilitate the fitting of replacement parts.


Process of Production


4.5M 6M I Type Traffic Light Pole  Camera Light Pole Installing At Main Road 0
Product Details

Product name 4.5M 6M "I"Type Traffic Light Pole,Camera Light Post installing at Main Road
Traffic Signal Pole Material Camera Light Post ASTM GR65,GR50,Q460 A572,S355,Q345/Q235
Design Wind 50M/S or depending on clients’ request
Camera Light Post Deflection Accordance with the pole strength as Clients request.
Pole’s shape Camera Light Post Conical, Polygonal, Round
Camera Light Post Type Traffic Signal Pole With “T” Type,”L”Type,”I” Type or Gantry Type
Camera Light Post Main Shaft Height Normally, the Traffic Poles used to Cross Road.
Camera Light Post Cantilever Length Depending on width of Road in Clients Country.
Camera Light Post Application Main Street,High Way Zones
Camera Light Post Height 1-16M composed of two or three sections
Camera Light Post Shaft Thickness 2.5mm-20mm
Camera Light Post Stiffener Size Camera Light Post Accordance with Flange size to decide
Overlap Length Calculation Upper Section of the bottom diameter more than 1.5 times
Surface treatment Hot Dip Galvanization, Electrostatic Spray
Traffic Light Pole Components Signal Lights(Red/Green/Yellow Color),Camera etc.
Power Cabinet Power Cabinet installed at outdoor to control the Signal Lights Colors Exchanged.
Power Cable Length Using Power Cable Length using depending on the Poles height and Signal Lights/Camera Wattage/Quantity.
Galvanization Thickness Traffic Signal Pole 80-100 microns on average according to BS EN ISO1461 standards
Galvanization Suitable Wall Thickness Traffic Light Pole At least ≥2.5mm Wall Thickness,
How long Dipped into Zinc pool for the poles The time Dipped into Zinc pool depending on the poles Wall Thickness and the Galvanized thickness Execution Standard




4.5M 6M I Type Traffic Light Pole  Camera Light Pole Installing At Main Road 1

4.5M 6M I Type Traffic Light Pole  Camera Light Pole Installing At Main Road 2

4.5M 6M I Type Traffic Light Pole  Camera Light Pole Installing At Main Road 3


   4.5M 6M I Type Traffic Light Pole  Camera Light Pole Installing At Main Road 4

Packaging & Shipping


ERECTION MARKS All tower members shall be stamped with distinguishing numbers and/or letters corresponding to those on the approved drawings or material lists. These erection marks shall be impressed before galvanising and shall be clearly legible. 1.18 CASTINGS All castings shall be as free from blowholes, flaws and cracks. No welding filling or plugging of defective parts shall be done. All cast-iron shall be of a close-grained quality in accordance with appropriate Standards given in the specification. 1.19 WELDING In all cases where fabrication welds are liable to be highly stressed, such as may be the case in parts subject to reversal of stresses in operation, the Contractor shall supply DES with a general arrangement drawing of the fabrication and at a later date but before fabrication commences, a detailed drawing of all proposed weld preparations on the fabrication. Before such welding commences, the Contractor shall satisfy DES that the welders or welding operators are qualified in accordance with the requirements of the appropriate section of BS4872. After scrutinising the general arrangement and welding detail drawings, the Engineer shall inform the Contractor of the stages at which inspection will be required. It shall be the Contractor's responsibility to notify the Engineer in advance of the readiness of one or more of the inspection stages, no further work shall be carried out until the specified stage has passed the Engineer’s inspection. In addition to the above, the Engineer reserves the right to visit the Contractor's works at any reasonable time during fabrication of the items of plant and to familiarise himself with the progress made and the quality of the work to date. In the event of the Contractor wishing to make an alteration to any part of the weld preparation, he shall first submit to the Engineer a copy of the revised drawing showing the amended preparation in detail and to await confirmation of its acceptance or otherwise. The use of welded connections on tower steelwork should be avoided wherever possible.

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