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3-4.5mm Thickness Tubular Steel Pole  Steel Power Poles Low Voltage With Stay

3-4.5mm Thickness Tubular Steel Pole Steel Power Poles Low Voltage With Stay

  • High Light

    tubular steel post


    steel tubular swaged pole

  • Surface Treatment
    Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Height
    According To Clients' Request
  • Thickness
  • Welding
    AWS D 1.1
  • Material
    Q235, Q345
  • Shape
  • Color
    According To Clients Request
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    10 pieces
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    40HC or OT wrap by mat or straw mat
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    3000 pieces every month

3-4.5mm Thickness Tubular Steel Pole Steel Power Poles Low Voltage With Stay

                                                  3-4.5mm Thickness Tubular Steel Pole Steel Power Poles Low Voltage With Stay
Product Description

The products above are 13M Tubular Steel Poles for the support of Low Voltage with stay
made specifically for power distribution for low voltage 
To design in accordance with PLS software, we will require the following design parameters:

  1. The operational wind speed of the region where the pole will be used
  2. The Antenna load and height of the pole
  3. The total height of the pole itself

Product Specifications

1. Climate Conditions:

The following is applicable unless otherwise is mentioned:

a. Maximum Ambient Temperature 50 Co

b. Minimum Ambient Temperature -10 Co

c. Design temperature 45 Co

d. Maximum daily range of air temperature 20 Co

e. Maximum Wind Pressure 420 n/m2

f. Ice Thickness 10 mm.

g. Snow Falls 1-4 days – 30 cm.

h. Site altitude 0-1400m ASL

i. Average annual rainfall 40cm during November–April

j. Relative humidity in the range 30 to 60%.

k. Average number of thunder storms 15 days / year

l. Prevailing wind winter average daily approximately 5-8 m/s, with gust up to 30 m/s.

m. Summer wind average afternoon 10-13 m/s, during morning generally light and variable, gust speed up to 30 m/s.
2. General Contract Description: Tubular steel poles being supplied under this contract shall be used by the purchaser as supports for carrying Low Voltage, Overhead electric network conductors.
3. Applicable Standards that shall be followed as minimum requirements accordance to BS EN 10255/2004 medium and astma53/ a53m-2012 for 9met , 9 met poles
4. Free from defects : Poles shall be well finished, clean and free from harmful

  • Surface defects, ends of the poles shall be cut square. Poles shall be straight
  • Smooth and cylindrical.

5.1 Deflection Test
Each pole shall be rigidly supported for a distance from the butt end equal to the depth which it is to be planted in the ground. It shall then be loaded as cantilever and the appropriate deflection load of Table applied at right angles of the axis of pole 30 cm from the top of the poles up to 9 m ( overall ) and 60 cm from the top for poles over 9 m ( overall). For convenience in testing, the pole may be fixed horizontally and the load applied vertically. The temporary deflection due to the applied load at the point of application of load shall not exceed 157.5 mm.
5.2 Permanent Set Test
This test shall be carried out immediately after the deflection test. After application of proper load specified in Table 1 the permanent set measured from the zero position after the release of the appropriate applied load at the point of application of the load shall not exceed 13 mm.
5.3 Drop Test
The test shall be made in the case of swagged poles. The pole shall be dropped vertically with the butt end (bottom end) downwards, three times in succession from a height of 2 m on to a hardwood block 150 mm thick laid on concrete foundation. The pole shall not show any signs of telescoping or loosening of joints. Chapter 2. Technical Specification for 11kv lines 2-4 GSEEP/W/ICB-03 2073/74-03
5.4 Should of any of the poles selected fail to pass any of the tests specified above two further poles shall be selected for testing from the same lot in respect of each failure. Should both these additional poles fail, the test material represented by the test samples shall be deemed as not complying with these specifications.
6.0 Quality Assurance Program
Along with the Bid the Bidder shall furnish quality assurance program of the manufacturer which includes the Quality System and the Quality Plans, which shall include, among others, information to meet the following requirement, failing which the Bid shall be liable for rejection.
i. The structure of the organization;
ii. The duties and responsibilities assigned to staff ensuring quality of works;
iii. The system for purchasing, taking delivery and verification of materials;
iv. The system for ensuring quality of workmanship;
v. The quality assurance arrangement shall conform to relevant requirements of ISO9001:2000;
vi. Statement giving list of important raw materials, names of manufacturer for the raw materials, list of standards according to which the raw materials are tested, list of test normally carried out on raw materials;
vii. List of manufacturing facilities available with supporting documents;
viii. List of areas in manufacturing process, where stage inspections are normally carried out for quality control and details of such tests and inspections;
ix. List of testing equipment available with the manufacturer for final testing of equipment specified and the test plant limitation, if any, vis-à-vis the type, special, acceptance and routine tests specified in the relevant standards.
7. Bid Documentations
7.1 The Bidder shall provide with the Bid two (2) clear copies of the governing standards for selections of steel tubings, and any standard followed in the fabrication and testing of the poles offered.
7.2 The Bidder shall provide a description and certified dimensional drawings of each type of pole.
7.3 Two (2) clear certified copies of all type tests performed on similar type of poles and similar working loads otherwise the bid offer shall be rejected. The type test must have been carried out in recognized national or international testing laboratory or independent testing laboratory other than manufacturer.
7.4 A clause-by-clause commentary of specification, specifying compliance and deviations, if any.
7.5 All data, drawings, catalogues and other technical documents shall be bound separately from the Bid documents.
Chapter 2. Technical Specification for 11kv lines 2-5
GSEEP/W/ICB-03 2073/74-03

Process of Production

Verification of Materials → Cutting → Molding or Bending → Vertical Welding → Verification of Dimensions → Flange Welding → Hole Drilling → Calibration→ Deburring Process → Galvanizing, Powder Coating or Painting → Recalibration → Threading → Packaging
3-4.5mm Thickness Tubular Steel Pole  Steel Power Poles Low Voltage With Stay 0

Q1. How can I get a price of needed pole?

A: 1. Please provide exact dimensions such as height, pole shaft material type and thickness, top and bottom diameters. We can then give you an accurate quotation based on your specifications.
2. You can send us a detail and assembly drawing; we can then provide you with an accurate quotation based on the drawing.

Q2. I am a small wholesaler; do you accept a small order?
A: It's not a problem if you are a small wholesaler; we accept orders of various quantities.
Q3. I am a designer; Can you help me to produce the sample which we designed?
A: Our mission is to help our customers be successful. We are more than happy to help you solve any problems that you may have.
Q4: We want be your agent for our area. How do I apply for this?
A: Please send your proposal and your company profile.
Q5. Tell me about your company?
We have been a manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of steel poles including power poles, street lighting poles, telecommunications poles and other steel based products since 2000. Our products have been exported to many regions around the world.
Q6. Do you have some special policies for Branded companies?
A: Yes, we have some special support for the company who has own brand but are also in our VIP customers list. Please send us a copy of your sales data so we can analyze the best course of action in supporting you for your products in your market.
Q7. Do you provide Door to Door service? Because i don't know how to deal with customs clearance.
A: We provide Door to Door service to help you reduce shipping time and costs. This is because we have additional discounts with the shipping companies as we have done many shipments in the past. This in turn will save you lots of time and money.

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